2016 Wedding Color Palette: Fuchsia

Fuchsia is a vivid purplish red color, named after the flower of the fuchsia plant. A color delivers strong chic feminine characteristics and romance enhancement. It bursts with feel-good vibes and works best with glamorously –styled weddings. Besides, fuchsia is great for weddings in any seasons.

2016.05.30 fuchisa wedding

How to use this beautiful vibrant color throughout your wedding? Free your imagination and do some brain storming for great unique ideas, such as how about use fuchsia peonies for bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, use a fuchsia ribbon to decorate your ring pillow and secure your rings, or have your vows printed in fuchsia ink on taupe envelopes, or decorate guest seats with fuchsia ribbons? If you’re so in to this color, you’ll know how to maximize the beauty of it.

Check the following list to get an idea of which colors work great with fuchsia.

Fuschia, Gold & Beige
Fuschia & Light Pink
Fuschia & Latte
Fuschia, Light Pink & Navy Blue
Fuschia, Gold & Beige
Fuschia, Fluorescent Purple, Lavender & White
Fuschia, Lavender, Gold, Blush Pink & Ivory
Fuschia, Navy Blue, Powder Blue, Camel & Ivory
Fuschia, Coral, Pink, Taupe & Ivory
Fuschia, Light Gray, Black, Blush Pink & Antique Gold
Fuschia, Dusty Pink, Fig, Blush Pink, Beige & Latte
Fuschia, Pink, Light Pink, Light Yellow, Antique Gold & Ivory

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