Top 4 Reasons That You Should Pick Pink Bridesmaid Dresses for Summer Weddings

Hey brides, if you almost finished your whole Summer wedding planning but still haven’t decided which color to choose for bridesmaid dresses, this is the time you should stop what you’re doing, pour yourself a cup of tea and read this post. Today, we’re going to suggest the popular color pink for your bridesmaid dress color. If you ask why, then read on.

Perfect Match with White Wedding Gown
Can thing about a single one shade of pink that will steal the thunder from white bridal gown? None. Whether it’s pearl pink, candy pink, even hot pink, the bridesmaids in pink dress and bride will create a cohesive wedding look.

2016.05.09 match with white wedding gowns

Easy to Go with Seasonal Bouquets
Not all the flowers are available in Summer and that’s why many brides choose season flowers such as roses, baby’s breath, greenery, which of course, cost much less for bouquets. Whether the bouquets are in bright or pale colors, the bridesmaids in pink will look great with them.

2016.05.09 go with seasonal bouquets

Flatter Any Skin Tone
Need to speak more about this? Anyone will look feminine, charming and elegant in pink shades.

2016.05.09 pink for skin tones

Eye Pleasant in Hot Days
The soft light and pale pink shades are able to absorb the strong sunshine and won’t cause any uncomfortable glare to your wedding guests.

2016.05.09 light pink pleasant to eyes

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