3 Reasons Are Enough to Talk You into Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Won’t Still Thunders from the Bride & Groom
This hue has the perfect dusty-gray undertone making it somewhat of an understatement. It also perfectly projects a warm romantic but also cool fresh feel simultaneously. It fits perfectly within an outdoor garden setting or even inside a grand cathedral and will best highlight the charm from the most important persons, the bride and groom of the event.

2016.05.18 One-Shoulder-Dusty-Blue-Bridesmaid-Dresses-Ideas

Flattering to Almost Anyone
Whether your bridesmaids have red hair, brown skin, platinum highlights, or nearly translucent skin, they can put on a slate blue bridesmaid dress and we can assure you that nothing will be wrong with the shade.

2016.05.18 French-Blue-Bridesmaid-Dresses

Endless Mix & Match Possibilities
The slate blue shade allows for endless mix & match possibilities. You can match these dresses with bright, white flowers for a clean fresh look. Also, you can team them up with deep, leafy greenery to great a perfect contrast if that’s your wanting. Pair them with metallic hues, like silver, gold, rose gold. Have a try and see what you can get.

2016.05.18 Mykonos-blue-Bridesmaids-2

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