2016 Wedding Color Palette: Cranberry

red wedding colors

Red is a color that speaks strong emotions, such as passion, anger and if too much red is applied to a wedding, either decorations or outfit, it’ll look too vibrant. But luckily, we have great alternatives, such as cranberry, still red, but more understated and sophisticated.

Close to burgundy, cranberry works best for fall and winter weddings. It’s also the perfect hue to incorporate into a vineyard wedding. You can check the following list to have an idea of which colors cranberry can work with and find your favorite palette.

Cranberry,  Camel, Ivory & White
Cranberry & Gold
Cranberry & Silver
Cranberry & Taupe
Cranberry & Plum
Cranberry, Pink & Ivory
Cranberry, Light Green & Sage Green
Cranberry, Gold & Chocolate Brown
Cranberry, Gold & Black
Cranberry, Fuschia, Pink & Slate Gray
Cranberry, Slate Gray, Gray & White
Cranberry, Aqua, Black & White
Cranberry, Black, Latte, Mustard & Gray


Bohemian Bridesmaid Dress Idea: Teal Green + Chiffon A-Line Dress

If you’re planning a romantic relaxed Bohemian style wedding, remember to find a pretty bridesmaid dress that goes with your wedding theme perfectly. As to the question that how to pick a bridesmaid dress that will help enhance the Boho touches, we’ve rounded up some brilliant ideas. Today we’re going to introduce a stunning Boho bridesmaid dress which is teal green and features chiffon a-line skirt.

2016.05.27 teal green bridesmaid dress

Crafted with romantic, crinkle-textured chiffon fabric, it features a shirred one shoulder neckline and fitted bodice that is beautifully adorned with intricate ruching. The flattering silhouette cinches at the natural waist and is completed with a flowing knee length skirt. The back of the bodice is finished with a zipper closure. It flares while you twirl and will have a pretty youthful look.

This dress is the perfect combination of fun and elegance and perfect for your Boho inspired wedding. If it’s not what you’re looking for, click to find more stunning bohemian style bridesmaid dresses of similar designs.

4 Stunning Grey Bridesmaid Dresses for Summer Weddings

Believe it or not, grey is quite popular for summer weddings. Pair it with mint and aqua, or pink and coral or even with purple shades, you’ll get your dreamy summer weddings of different styles. Today we’ve rounded up 4 stunning grey bridesmaid dresses which will definitely contribute to your dreamy summer wedding.

This strapless grey bridesmaid dress features a fitted bodice with slight sweetheart neckline, big sash bow knot at the waist and A-line skirt with box pleats falling just above the knee.

2016.05.20 jennyyoo

This silk georgette grey bridesmaid dress features a wrapped bodice, a ruched waist with sash tie and full length pleated skirt, giving a graceful aesthetic charm.

2016.05.20 shopbop

This cocktail grey bridesmaid dress features sequin lace finish, fitted tank top and charming sheath silhouette.

2016.05.20 the knot

This grey bridesmaid dress features a low back with delicate princess seams, bodice with elegant thin straps, bra cups and a high neckline and a tulle full skirt.

2016.05.20 weddingtonway

3 Reasons Are Enough to Talk You into Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Won’t Still Thunders from the Bride & Groom
This hue has the perfect dusty-gray undertone making it somewhat of an understatement. It also perfectly projects a warm romantic but also cool fresh feel simultaneously. It fits perfectly within an outdoor garden setting or even inside a grand cathedral and will best highlight the charm from the most important persons, the bride and groom of the event.

2016.05.18 One-Shoulder-Dusty-Blue-Bridesmaid-Dresses-Ideas

Flattering to Almost Anyone
Whether your bridesmaids have red hair, brown skin, platinum highlights, or nearly translucent skin, they can put on a slate blue bridesmaid dress and we can assure you that nothing will be wrong with the shade.

2016.05.18 French-Blue-Bridesmaid-Dresses

Endless Mix & Match Possibilities
The slate blue shade allows for endless mix & match possibilities. You can match these dresses with bright, white flowers for a clean fresh look. Also, you can team them up with deep, leafy greenery to great a perfect contrast if that’s your wanting. Pair them with metallic hues, like silver, gold, rose gold. Have a try and see what you can get.

2016.05.18 Mykonos-blue-Bridesmaids-2

Mismatched Turquoise Bridesmaid Dresses for Boho Summer Weddings

2016.05.12 mismatched turquoise bridesmaid dreses

More and more brides let their bridesmaids pick their dresses and more and more bridesmaids tend to pick there dresses on their own, too. That explains a lot about why mix & matched are getting popular. Today you’ll find a stunning collection of turquoise bridesmaid dresses designed for a mismatched Bohemian summer wedding looks.

This collection is spotted on Polyvore, coming in 8 styles. They’re in varied blue shades, such as  turquoise, light blue, sky blue and more for a consistent wedding look. Also, this collection features a similar hemline throughout the 8 styles, which is high low and ruffled and a sparkling waist belt. However, to make sure all the bridesmaids will find a perfect fit with this collection, it has varied bodices, including boat, scoop, strapless  and cap sleeves.

To have a diversified but consistent wedding look, mismatched dresses are definitely worth trying.

Top 4 Reasons That You Should Pick Pink Bridesmaid Dresses for Summer Weddings

Hey brides, if you almost finished your whole Summer wedding planning but still haven’t decided which color to choose for bridesmaid dresses, this is the time you should stop what you’re doing, pour yourself a cup of tea and read this post. Today, we’re going to suggest the popular color pink for your bridesmaid dress color. If you ask why, then read on.

Perfect Match with White Wedding Gown
Can thing about a single one shade of pink that will steal the thunder from white bridal gown? None. Whether it’s pearl pink, candy pink, even hot pink, the bridesmaids in pink dress and bride will create a cohesive wedding look.

2016.05.09 match with white wedding gowns

Easy to Go with Seasonal Bouquets
Not all the flowers are available in Summer and that’s why many brides choose season flowers such as roses, baby’s breath, greenery, which of course, cost much less for bouquets. Whether the bouquets are in bright or pale colors, the bridesmaids in pink will look great with them.

2016.05.09 go with seasonal bouquets

Flatter Any Skin Tone
Need to speak more about this? Anyone will look feminine, charming and elegant in pink shades.

2016.05.09 pink for skin tones

Eye Pleasant in Hot Days
The soft light and pale pink shades are able to absorb the strong sunshine and won’t cause any uncomfortable glare to your wedding guests.

2016.05.09 light pink pleasant to eyes

5 Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses You Can’t Stop Loving

When talking about the most favored colors for bridesmaid dresses, the lavender tone must take a spot. The soft pastel shade can best deliver the romantic feminine charm. We’ve rounded up 5 stunning lavender bridesmaid dresses that you can’t stop loving. If you’re planning a purple themed wedding, read the post to get inspired.

This bridesmaid dress in light lavender features a halter neckline and loose-fit bodice. The slightly flaring cocktail skirt adds a youthful touch to this simple but stylish dress. From Anntaylor.

2016.05.03 lavender-bridesmaid-dresses-ann-taylor-keyhole

This bridesmaid dress in pale lavender is dreamy. Strapless bodice and short a-line skirt is fully covered with sparkling sequins and the lavender tulle overlay dress softened the vision impact of this dress. From Alvina Maids

2016.05.03 lavender-bridesmaid-dresses-alvina-maids-9428

This lavender bridesmaid dress is stylish and stunning. The strapless fitted bodice with vertical pleats is figure flattering and the flaring skirt with fluted multi layers is definitely a wowing factor. From davidsbridal.

2016.05.03 lavender-bridesmaid-dresses-davids-bridal

This lavender bridesmaid dress just incorporated plenty of fashion twists. Ruched bodice with ruffle trim, fit & flare skirt with flowing chiffon overlay, who can resist such a stunning dress. From weddingtonway.

2016.05.03 lavender-bridesmaid-dresses-wt-704

This lavender bridesmaid dress is made of lustrous satin. The simple but timeless one shoulder neckline, soft sash bowknot at the waist and cocktail sheath skirt just turn this dress a demure luxurious piece. From Anntaylor.

2016.05.03 lavender-bridesmaid-dresses-ann-taylor-silk-dupioni

Bridesmaid Dress Trends: White + Lace

When decide which bridesmaid dresses to buy for our big wedding day, we all like what’s really popular out there in the fashion world. Luckily we’ve figured out that for you. This Summer 2016, white and lace are a great combo popular for bridesmaid dresses. Today, we’re going to introduce one of the most stunning white dress falling into this category.

This stunning white bridesmaid dress is super for a romantic or Bohemian Summer wedding. The fitted lace bodice with a halter neck gives an elegant look and the floor length chiffon skirt makes this white dress even more dreamy.

white lace bridesmaid dresses

Shop From: belinabridesmaid.

Stage star Nia Jermin shows off her style

ACTRESS Nia Jermin is currently appearing in the UK and Japanese tour of Singin’ in the Rain, after appearing in the show in London’s West End last year.

She is also the second half of Jermin Productions, a theatrical production company that she runs with her brother Mark. This year they are planning their pantomimes, Aladdin at Penyrheol Theatre and Cinderella in the Lyric Theatre in Carmarthen.

How organised is your wardrobe?

Being on tour my “live in” wardrobe is my suitcase or my car! Some weeks I won’t pack a case but just take everything on hangers! Its much easier. I can be here, there. and everywhere in a space of a few days, I have clothes all over the place! They are spread across my London flat (where my wardrobe is a wall length colour co-ordinated haven in my spare bedroom), my suitcase and dressing room at each theatre (as you never know when the girls from the cast want to go out for cocktails after the show!) I also have a wardrobe at my mum’s house in Pontlliw. I’m really lucky because I guess I’m never stuck for anything to wear!

What is your clothing style?

It is quite girlie. I love colourful staple pieces and like to make the most of my shape. Being a bit petite, I try to elongate my height, while making the most of my hour glass figure. A very close gay friend once described my style like a “box of lucky charms, all synched in shapes, bright colours and embellishments.” I didn’t know if that was a compliment, but I do agree!

What is your favourite item you own?

I love accessories! They dress up/change any outfit, from a blingy piece of jewellery added to a simple shirt or dress to my prized Alexa Mulberry handbag which I carry to business meetings or when I’m feeling studious. I’m a huge fan of various headwear, so any hats or headbands can really help me out (especially on bad hair days).

Where do you like to shop?

I love big department stores where you can get everything in one go and it makes shopping across brands really easy, matching shoes and accessories etc. I love TopShop for being so diverse in their styling and an afternoon on Oxford Street with a group of friends or my mum is one of my favourite days out.

Why is fashion important to you?

I adore dressing up. I have since playing ‘dress up’ with my best friend Sara when we were little. We both used to have “costume cupboards” and putting on a special outfit still gives me a thrill. Also being an actress and auditioning/performing as various roles and characters who are from different parts of the world and also from different eras, fashion is really important in my work. In Singin’ in the Rain, the style is set in the 1920s so its dropped waist dresses and cute 20s hats. But from being in various performances you do get to experiment with lots of styles and looks. I’ve been a geek, a panto princess, a 1940s nurse, a murderess, a Hawaiian slave and many more. What I wear each day away from the stage also lets me become almost a different person, or at least puts my head and mood into a different place. I love floaty, girlies dresses to make me relax and switch off or if I’m heading into a business meeting I always feel better in a sharp suit and killer heels. I also have tons of rehearsal gear, bright and comfy dance wear and trainers.

What was your biggest shopping splurge?

My brother Mark put on a 20th Anniversary Gala in 2012 to celebrate 20 years of his stage schools. It was a glitzy, showbiz bash and I bought a cabaret style dress was from John Lewis which was covered in sequins and beads and a La femme cocktail dress which I ordered from America to party in. I’m a magpie and love sparkly items, so the bodice was encrusted with crystals and the aquamarine skirt complimented my reddish hair. Both dresses were more money than I’ve ever spent on anything before but I’ve worn the cocktail dress a few times; it’s perfect for press night parties.

Do you have any items of clothing that you could never part with?

I’m getting married next year and bought my dress two weeks ago. I know I don’t actually own it properly yet, as I have to wait for it to come in, but I can’t wait to wear it next year! It was a really special moment buying it as my mum was with me when we ordered it, and it was on my late grandmother’s birthday, so it definitely felt right. My Mind charity vest is also very special to me as I proudly wore it when I ran the London Marathon this year. One of my close school friends Jordana lost her battle with Mental Health in 2013. My medal and vest from this Marathon is something I will hopefully keep forever, and brings back so many memories of the day, the pain in my legs and the amazing feeling at the finish line!

What is the best memory that an item of clothing conjures up?

I was lucky enough to be in the musical Legally Blonde. There is a famous “jump rope” routine which involves prison inmates singing and performing (and jumping!) an intricate skipping routine. I still have my orange jump suit from my run in the show. It always makes me think back to our first few rehearsals where everyone was hysterical laughing from trying to get the skipping routine right. I’m also looking forward to The Mark Jermin Stage School students wearing their orange jumpsuits next August when they perform the all American show.

What is your worst fashion disaster?

I have probably committed loads. I was very experimental as a teenagers from newspaper print doc martins to pink trilbys and Miss Sixty boxing boots: Fine on their own, but I used to put them all together!

Do you admire anybody’s fashion style?

There are so many beautiful ladies I admire from Welsh beauties Katherine Jenkins and Catherine Zeta Jones to my mum, who always looks lovely at every occasion we attend. The Duchess of Cambridge always looks immaculate and accentuates classic British style and British Designers. I also love Madonna and Katy Perry for their confident individual style and always re inventing new looks for themselves.

How to buy shapwear: 9 top tips from the Spanx pop-up shop at John Lewis

Spanx show us how to buy shapewear so you can eat all the (mince) pies this party season

Party season is here! It’s the time to eat, drink and be merry – and not for worrying about your wobbly bits.

We all come in different shapes and sizes, but sometimes you need a bit of help – especially when it comes to wearing a slinky party dress. Some frocks can totally rock whatcha got. But some can also highlight bumps and lumps.

But don’t fret! That’s why shapewear was invented – to smooth, shape and lift your bits. Because dieting is BORING, anyway.

When you think shapewear, you usually think Spanx – so we got some top shapewear shopping tips from the team:
Buy the right size
Sounds obvious, non? But apparently, lots of us buy a size smaller in the hope it will give extra slimming compression or squeeze you into a smaller dress. NOT SO! it can actually make you look bigger due to all the unsightly bulges – plus, you might pass out. Attractive.

Identify the problem body bit
You don’t need a full-on bodysuit. Which part of your bod needs attention? Those looking to control their tummies should go for girdles, while women who want to lift their derrières should try shapewear briefs.

Choose your level of control
Shapewear isn’t just for curvy girls. Not all women need a lot of support, but just want to smooth out visible panty and bra lines with a bit of light control shapewear. At the other end of the scale, firm control shapewear uses extra strong reinforced panels to cinch you in.

One doesn’t fit all – literally!
The Spanx expert says: “While some women think they only need one piece of shapewear, that’s not the case. Think of it like shoes – you need different styles for different outfits and occasions.” So build a sort of shapewear wardrobe.
You can go to the loo!
Gone are the days where gals would avoid going to the toilet for fear of getting stuck in their shapewear (seriously). These days, shapewear has handy poppers and *ahem* flaps in the downstairs department so you won’t pee your pants. What?! You have to consider these things!

Shapewear can be sexy
Quite often it’s beige – so it’s as invisible as possible – most most styles also come in sexy black. Look for lace trims or try a retro-isnpired waist-cinching corset (which can also suck in your tum, too).

Not just for special occasions
Spanx do T-shirt bras for a smooth silhoette under your everyday tops and opaque tights with tummy control panels which you can wear everyday for a cheeky confidence boost.

Don’t wear a mid-thigh shaper with trousers
Go with a style that doesn’t stop on the thigh and create a line, like the Super Footless Shaper £24. For skirts and dresses, choose a mid-thigh silhouette.

Pregnancy and shapewear
Not, as you may initially think, to bind down the baby bump – hellz no! – but to provide comfort and support around the tummy area and ease muscle pain. The maternity hoisery we saw at the Spanx pop-up had mesh tummies so no babies will be harmed in the wearing of tights!

Pssst! If you live in or around London, Spanx has opened a pop-up consultation hub at John Lewis Oxford Street. Running through party season (until 15th December), you can bring your party dress of choice along for a one-to-one appointment with an expert lingerie and shapewear fitter.

As Jo Hooper, Head of Lingerie Buying at John Lewis, says: “Our lingerie fitters know the best products on the market as well as top tips and tricks on how to use shapewear to your advantage when pulling an outfit together.”

Read more: http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/