Stage star Nia Jermin shows off her style

ACTRESS Nia Jermin is currently appearing in the UK and Japanese tour of Singin’ in the Rain, after appearing in the show in London’s West End last year.

She is also the second half of Jermin Productions, a theatrical production company that she runs with her brother Mark. This year they are planning their pantomimes, Aladdin at Penyrheol Theatre and Cinderella in the Lyric Theatre in Carmarthen.

How organised is your wardrobe?

Being on tour my “live in” wardrobe is my suitcase or my car! Some weeks I won’t pack a case but just take everything on hangers! Its much easier. I can be here, there. and everywhere in a space of a few days, I have clothes all over the place! They are spread across my London flat (where my wardrobe is a wall length colour co-ordinated haven in my spare bedroom), my suitcase and dressing room at each theatre (as you never know when the girls from the cast want to go out for cocktails after the show!) I also have a wardrobe at my mum’s house in Pontlliw. I’m really lucky because I guess I’m never stuck for anything to wear!

What is your clothing style?

It is quite girlie. I love colourful staple pieces and like to make the most of my shape. Being a bit petite, I try to elongate my height, while making the most of my hour glass figure. A very close gay friend once described my style like a “box of lucky charms, all synched in shapes, bright colours and embellishments.” I didn’t know if that was a compliment, but I do agree!

What is your favourite item you own?

I love accessories! They dress up/change any outfit, from a blingy piece of jewellery added to a simple shirt or dress to my prized Alexa Mulberry handbag which I carry to business meetings or when I’m feeling studious. I’m a huge fan of various headwear, so any hats or headbands can really help me out (especially on bad hair days).

Where do you like to shop?

I love big department stores where you can get everything in one go and it makes shopping across brands really easy, matching shoes and accessories etc. I love TopShop for being so diverse in their styling and an afternoon on Oxford Street with a group of friends or my mum is one of my favourite days out.

Why is fashion important to you?

I adore dressing up. I have since playing ‘dress up’ with my best friend Sara when we were little. We both used to have “costume cupboards” and putting on a special outfit still gives me a thrill. Also being an actress and auditioning/performing as various roles and characters who are from different parts of the world and also from different eras, fashion is really important in my work. In Singin’ in the Rain, the style is set in the 1920s so its dropped waist dresses and cute 20s hats. But from being in various performances you do get to experiment with lots of styles and looks. I’ve been a geek, a panto princess, a 1940s nurse, a murderess, a Hawaiian slave and many more. What I wear each day away from the stage also lets me become almost a different person, or at least puts my head and mood into a different place. I love floaty, girlies dresses to make me relax and switch off or if I’m heading into a business meeting I always feel better in a sharp suit and killer heels. I also have tons of rehearsal gear, bright and comfy dance wear and trainers.

What was your biggest shopping splurge?

My brother Mark put on a 20th Anniversary Gala in 2012 to celebrate 20 years of his stage schools. It was a glitzy, showbiz bash and I bought a cabaret style dress was from John Lewis which was covered in sequins and beads and a La femme cocktail dress which I ordered from America to party in. I’m a magpie and love sparkly items, so the bodice was encrusted with crystals and the aquamarine skirt complimented my reddish hair. Both dresses were more money than I’ve ever spent on anything before but I’ve worn the cocktail dress a few times; it’s perfect for press night parties.

Do you have any items of clothing that you could never part with?

I’m getting married next year and bought my dress two weeks ago. I know I don’t actually own it properly yet, as I have to wait for it to come in, but I can’t wait to wear it next year! It was a really special moment buying it as my mum was with me when we ordered it, and it was on my late grandmother’s birthday, so it definitely felt right. My Mind charity vest is also very special to me as I proudly wore it when I ran the London Marathon this year. One of my close school friends Jordana lost her battle with Mental Health in 2013. My medal and vest from this Marathon is something I will hopefully keep forever, and brings back so many memories of the day, the pain in my legs and the amazing feeling at the finish line!

What is the best memory that an item of clothing conjures up?

I was lucky enough to be in the musical Legally Blonde. There is a famous “jump rope” routine which involves prison inmates singing and performing (and jumping!) an intricate skipping routine. I still have my orange jump suit from my run in the show. It always makes me think back to our first few rehearsals where everyone was hysterical laughing from trying to get the skipping routine right. I’m also looking forward to The Mark Jermin Stage School students wearing their orange jumpsuits next August when they perform the all American show.

What is your worst fashion disaster?

I have probably committed loads. I was very experimental as a teenagers from newspaper print doc martins to pink trilbys and Miss Sixty boxing boots: Fine on their own, but I used to put them all together!

Do you admire anybody’s fashion style?

There are so many beautiful ladies I admire from Welsh beauties Katherine Jenkins and Catherine Zeta Jones to my mum, who always looks lovely at every occasion we attend. The Duchess of Cambridge always looks immaculate and accentuates classic British style and British Designers. I also love Madonna and Katy Perry for their confident individual style and always re inventing new looks for themselves.